Brand new branding and facility – Same non – intimidating atmosphere

We are delighted to inform all our current members that there are going to be some exciting changes happening at Curves Wokingham.

We will be re-branding as eActiv Health Lounge and will also be moving into some brand new facilities with a state of the art circuit. There will also be a floatation therapy suite and a host of other unique offerings and the best part is….There will be NO change in your membership fee!

Over the next few months, while the work is being carried out to create the plush new club, it will be business as usual at Curves Wokingham. Nothing will change and the transition will be smooth. However, see below for a taster of the new things to come.

Please take a look at this page to see how the club will be changing for the better and how you are going to benefit from this exciting move!



Who are eActiv Health Lounge?

eActiv Health Lounge already have a facility based in Egham that provides a non-intimidating environment where people can exercise using a state of the art 30 minute circuit that guarantees results.

Unlike a regular gym, eActiv, like Curves, is more of a boutique health club catering for people who have limited time for exercise or would not want to go to a sweaty gym!

They have the latest digital training solution (eGym) which has been a hit with all of their members , many of whom were Curves members in Egham. They also have some amazing stretching machines ( eFl-exx) that help alleviate aches and pains.

eActiv were able to transition the old Curves club in Egham into a state of the art facility that really does get results for its members, provides a fantastic place to work out and still has that community feel that keeps members motivated and eager to come back again and again. Our new facility in Wokingham will do just that and more!

Take a Look below at some of the things eActiv Wokingham will be offering





A state of the art eGym circuit that’s simple,
fun and effective with full app support

Personalised programmes that suit all ages
& fitness levels

No weights to adjust or seats to move

Supportive staff in a non-intimidating

Meal plans and nutrition guidelines

About Us

eActiv Health Lounge Wokingham – Coming Soon! 

At eActiv we offer an effective, fun and intelligent way to get the results you are looking for in a non-intimidating and supportive environment. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved strength, sporting performance or just to lead a healthier and happy life, our motivating team is here to help.

eActiv is designed to save you time whilst giving you maximum health and relaxation benefits. We believe that by using our 4 step process we can guarantee results.

( The Egham Club)


A Total Flexibility Solution

eActiv are the first facility in the UK to offer the revolutionary eFle-xx solution. 

This state of the art system increases joint mobility, reduces aches and pains and improves flexibility in a safe and customized way. 

eFle-xx integrates with our eGym app providing a fully integrated training experience that you will not find anywhere else in the country. 


Intelligent Training For Guaranteed Results

Using our state of the art eGym equipment which suits all ages and fitness levels, we promise a total body work-out that’s simple, fast and effective.

Just 30 minutes 2 times a week on our fun circuit will help you strengthen and tone, change your shape and boost your metabolism.

Once your personalised programme is set, the equipment is so intelligent that it will recognise you at each visit and automatically update your progression, giving you optimum results with little fuss.


Floatation Therapy

Relaxation is often overlooked in many conventional training centres but as research has shown, relaxation is paramount to leading a healthy lifestyle.  A 60 Minute float in our i-sopod floatation pod has many benefits.

  • Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation.
  • Eliminates fatigue and jet lag and improves sleep.
  • Alleviates stress, energises, rejuvenates and revitalises.
  • Increases motivation, diminishes depression, anxiety and fear.


Calorie Controlled Meals

We all know what we SHOULD eat but sometimes life gets in the way.

Nutrition is a difficult thing to master. Between work, juggling family, and dealing with day to day tasks, often the last thing on your mind is going to the supermarket and cooking up a healthy and satisfying meal.

At eActiv we can provide you with tasty, nutritious meals that are balanced correctly and have measured portion sizes and our qualified staff can also offer nutritional advice and guidance. No more worrying about what you SHOULD eat and how to cook it. We can make it simple and convenient, giving you more time to move and relax.

New Express Classes in Wokingham

Included in your membership to eActiv Health lounge in Wokingham will be our popular express classes. These 30 minute classes are the perfect way to take part in a group exercise class designed to help you achieve your health goals. Fun and motivating classes you can join in with! 

Take a look at the video to learn more about our fantastic floatation therapy solution. 


What People Are Saying

“The equipment is state of the art and I already feel an improvement in myself physically and mentally. The staff are also very knowledgable, approachable and helpful. If you are looking for a enjoyable way to get in shape, which is different to the average gym then this is the place to be!
Danielle Hayward

I would highly recommend eactiv. The machines are amazing, it ensures you are exercising correctly and it is a unique personalised workout. All machines adjust to the correct positions for you. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Eactiv looks amazing, fresh tea and coffee available, it doesn’t have the feel of a gym as it’s so welcoming which encourages you so much to come back and not dread a work out. Ive done 4 workouts and already I can feel a difference. I had tried other gyms and nothing compares to this at all.
Maria Wood

Thank you Eactiv. I’ve been attending for 2 weeks, and have already noticed that not only do I have more energy, my flexibility and strength are improving. I have a chronic back condition and I’m noticing that I have less pain and more movement. I enjoy the mental aspect of the exercise and find it absorbing, which is great since normal gyms leave me feeling bored and unmotivated. The staff are friendly and encouraging, and make it a fun place to be.
Siobhan Elliot

The New Location

The new location for existing Curves members is just a short walk around the corner from the current building. It is located on the first floor in Peach place which has a lovely square and a coffee shop opposite. The building will be fully fitted out to a modern standard and is easily accessible with parking nearby. 

Will the Staff Change?

The short answer is no. there may be some new members of staff that you will see around as we will be using some of our staff to train up the existing staff on how to use the new equipment and operating systems but in the short term all staff will stay the same.


Whats the price?

The normal membership price is £59 per month with no joining fee and no lengthy contract. We also have a 3-month membership available for £149…..HOWEVER…As an existing Curves member you will continue to pay the normal monthly fee you are paying now!…We will not increase your membership. 

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