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The eActiv 7 to 30 day meal plan powered by Gyms Diner is designed to aid in your weight loss with a flexible menu of calorie controlled meals. These  meals are packed with lean proteins, heart-healthy fats, and generous helpings of nutrient-rich vegetables.

The success or failure on a diet, first and foremost, is based on your ability and willingness to stay on it,  so we designed our diet to be different from the onset.  You pick the meals, and we control the portion sizes to ensure you meet your goals.

No other diet is this easy to stay and succeed on.

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Choose from our pre-cooked, pre-packaged meals and order your weeks’ worth of food from our Health lounge which will be delivered fresh twice weekly to the club for you.

With a wide range of meats, vegetables and other delicious sides there are a great range of healthy meals to achieve your goals. 

Teriyaki Chicken Noodles

Our hand trimmed chicken breast served with our house made teriyaki sauce on a bed of noddles with mixed veg this delightful dish will send your tastes buds into orbit the complete meal weighs 270 Grams with a at least 130grams of chicken breast

Chilli Con Carne with Rice

Our chefs special chilli con carne is made with mince., tomatoes, onions, beans and chilli to give it a light spice and served with a side of basmati rice.

Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry with Rice

This Beautyfully simple, light curry is closely based on a wonderful recipe by our head chef. We always use carefully selected ground and whole spices in a recipe like this

Lemon Pepper Chicken Kebabs and Rice

This dish is full of flavour and and low in calories. Carefully selected chicken breasts mixed with a lemon and pepper dressing really get your mouth watering.

Sweet cottage Pie

Our sweet cottage pie is another chef special. This is a healthy alternative to the original homely cottage pie. The difference with ours is it is made with extra lean beef mince, mixed with peppers and sweet potato mash.

Greek Mezze Box

An authentic greek mezze box filled with natural and tasty greek foods including stuffed vine leaves, Greek giant beans, Bulghar wheat, Greek salad with feta and kalamata olives with a healthy serving of hummus. All sourced from cyprus and greece


What People are saying

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Delicious meals – healthy, great portion size and very convenient!

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Yummy meals, healthy, convenient and unbeatable prices with excellent service!

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Great food. Great price. its another massive thumbs up from me

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Don’t need to go anywhere else, this is the best place for nutrition!

The eActiv Meal Plans

The eActiv Meal Plan is designed to aid your weight loss with a flexible menu of calorie controlled meals and ideas.

The prepared meals are packed with lean proteins, heart- healthy fats, and generous helpings of nutrient rich vegetables.

All you have to do is choose two meals per day from our selection of prepared meals for your lunch & dinner and use our ideas for breakfast and snacks.

7 Day Meal Plan ( 2 meals per day) – £59

30 Day Meal Plan ( 2 Meals per day) – £229


Breakfast Ideas

Make your own breakfast from the selection below.

Poached Egg & Avocado on one Slice of Wholemeal Toast

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs on one Slice of Wholemeal Toast

Mexican Spicy Beans & Avocado on one slice of Wholemeal Toast

Herb Omelette with Fried Tomatoes

Protein Pancakes with Peanut Butter & Bananas

Protein Porridge with Mixed Berries

Greek Yogurt with Fruit Salad

Lunch & Dinner

Choose two meals per day from the following selection of prepared meals.

Turkey, Tomato Sauce & Pasta

Jerk Chicken, Broccoli & Sweet Potato

Chicken & Teriyaki Noodles

BBQ Chicken, Broccoli & Sweet Potato Wedges

Chilli Con Carne & Rice

Pasta Bolognese

Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

Mediterranean Cod & Rice

Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry with Rice

Cumin Spiced Lentils with Quinoa

Aubergine Hotpot with Potatoes

Snack Ideas

Add one snack per day from the following selection.

Barebells Protein Bar

KIND Plus Bar

Hummus & Vegetable Sticks

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